Sunday, December 8, 2013

Meal Prep Day!


"You can't workout a bad diet"
Meal prep is easy...
Stop making excuses and saying you don't know how to! It's as simple as following a healthy recipe and cooking enough for a few days worth of food. If you can read, turn on a stove, and cut with a knife then you can meal prep!!! The real reason people "don't know how to" is called laziness! Turn off the TV, get off the couch. Shut down the computer or close the addictive app on your phone and get in the kitchen! Turn on your favorite music, wash your hands and get to cooking! I know you can do it!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Motivational Text Message!

Every Monday I try to send a motivational text message to all my clients. This was from last Monday.

Be ambitious. Dream challenging goals, take action and give it your all to achieve each one. You will encounter struggles. People and life will test your strengths and weaknesses. You will need to overcome these obstacles. No matter what happens, never give up! Hold yourself accountable. Stay strong through all temptations. Don't look for shortcuts. You get out what you put into your goals. If results come easy they can leave just as fast. If they come hard they will be harder to lose. Practice self-discipline, balance, stay focused and be patient. Don't ever settle. Don't be comfortable with being ordinary. Be obsessed with becoming extraordinary! If it we're easy, everyone would do it. Honestly, it's not easy... But honestly, it WILL be worth it! Stay motivated by inspiring others. Encouragement and positivity are contagious. It is my passion to spread this to as many bodies as possible and to be a walking example of what perseverance can help you achieve. What is your passion? What lights your fire? Find it and fuel it each and everyday. Become a better version of yourself starting now!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Peanut Butter & Jelly!

I have always loved peanut butter. When I was a kid my favorite candy was a Reese's peanut butter cup. Now that I am aware of just how bad those can be for someone living a healthy lifestyle I don't ever eat them. Another reason I don't eat them now is because after having gone so long without the cheaply made, overly processed milk chocolate candies I don't care for them at all like I used to. The thought of one very occasionally sounds good but I know if I eat one I will just be disappointed. It's crazy how much taste buds can change to help fit your healthy lifestyle. Healthy foods that once tasted bland actually have much more flavor. Likewise, junk foods like Reese's and Snickers bars which I once loved taste waxy and gross to me now.
This post is supposed to be about peanut butter and jelly actually, but I figured it would also be good to give some inside, personal experience info on how changing to a healthy lifestyle can be easier and more enjoyable than some may think!
Back to peanut butter and jelly... I don't know who doesn't love a good ol' peanut butter and jelly sandwich?! If you don't then there might be something wrong with you!!! Personally, for me it brings back childhood memories and is like a super simple comfort food.
Well, today I came up with 6 different recipes with the "PBJ-peanut butter & jelly" theme! The awesome thing about these recipes (aside from the peanut butter of course) is that they are all packed with muscle building whey protein! So they can be eaten as a pre or post workout meal if you'd like! I will be posting the recipes starting tonight through the weekend! They are easy to make and require very few ingredients for most of them. Oh yeah, and they are super yummy too!
Let me know what you think!

There will be recipes for:
* PBJ Protein Balls
* PBJ Protein Cheesecake
* PBJ Protein Pancakes
* PBJ Protein Shake
* PBJ Protein Squares
* PBJ Protein Yogurt

The PBJ protein squares are already on the sure. If you click this link Chewy PBJ Squares, it will take you to the recipe. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Making Healthy Changes!

Before I ever decided or even knew I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle my eating habits and daily physical activity were the complete opposite of what they are today.
My daily foods consisted of things like boxed cereal, diet soda, commercial cookies, fruit snacks, gummy sour candies, milk chocolate, chips, etc.
My physical activity was almost just as pathetic. I would watch hours of TV during the day and sit at the computer until the late hours past midnight. Eating until almost just as late.
I slowly began to change this dangerous cycle of unhealthy habits over the next few years. Not always being consistent with my newer and healthier ways and sometimes even having a few days in a row of temptations with junk foods and inactivity. Over the next couple years experiencing countless times of falling off a healthy lifestyle every few weeks I finally accepted the fact I had known all along... It only left me feeling guilty, physically uncomfortable with my body, and physically uncomfortable on the inside as well (literally in pain) from the negative effects of processed foods.
I finally decided to completely give up on certain things I just knew I didn't need. One example being candy and ice cream. Some of my favorite guilty pleasures which are now of extremely little temptation to me if at all.
I have made huge changes in my life when it comes to health and fitness. These changes have helped me grow in so many other ways. They have made me more determined, disciplined in all aspects of life, successful, happier and more positive, improved mental clarity and alertness along with memory improvements, ability to absorb information better, immune health (only been sick once in the last few years, no flu shot needed).
My new guilty pleasure I go to when cheating are granola, fruit, unportioned peanut butter, frozen yogurt (on occasion) pizza (on special occasion). The only grains I allow myself or even desire to eat now are oats, quinoa, sprouted wheat bread, and brown rice cakes. No pasta of any kind, no baked pastries and absolutely no temptation for them. (Don't get me wrong, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting still sound amazing) but I am not tempted to eat it even just by thinking about the satisfaction I can get from say, a plain rice cake topped with almond butter, sliced banana or apple with a sprinkle of cinnamon and drizzle of honey.
The reason I write this post is because lately I have been getting down on myself for not being as perfect as I could be with my diet. I sometimes eat a complex carb a little later than I "should" or I will have a little more than just 1/4 cup serving of raw trail mix, or I don't drink a full gallon of water one day. I realized just how hard I am on myself sometimes and that I shouldn't be. To really think about the drastic changes I have made in my life and to see what I now consider to be guilty for compared to years ago... I need not be stressed when I "slip" occasionally. Yes, it's good to keep yourself in check and hold yourself accountable but every hour and everyday is a new day, something so small can be corrected and shouldn't be the end of the world. Be proud of your healthy changes, don't be over obsessive but also don't neglect your healthy habits. Find a healthy balance both mentally and physically!
I guess this post is kind of more like a journal entry for myself but maybe you have been or are in a similar situation now and need the same reminder as myself... That's all! Have a happy, healthy and balanced weekend!